Some probiotics need to be refrigerated. But Amoxil not, does that mean that all have lacto-and bifidobacteria lifeless?

  • Lacto-and bifidobacteria belonging to the symbiotic Amoxil500, through the use of innovative technology in the sealing of the capsule MURE (Multi Resistant Encapsulation) before reaching the intestines are in the inactivated state. When the capsule MURE provides all of the properties of living microorganisms in its composition when stored at room temperature and provides a useful activity of the bacteria within 2 years. And only in the intestine, where the conditions for dissolving capsules adapted and acclimatized bacteria on the intestinal mucosa, while retaining high biological activity.

When it is better to take Amoxil500mg?

  • Amoxil need to take 1 capsule 1 time per day, the best – at night.

Can I take Amoxil during pregnancy and lactation?

  • Symbiotic Amoxil has any contraindications for using it during pregnancy and lactation.

Can I apply Amoxil with lactase deficiency?

  • Lactase deficiency – a condition in which impaired absorption of dairy products. Strains of bacteria contained in the synbiotic Amoxil have the ability to degrade lactose into simple sugars, which is useful for people with lactase insufficiency, intolerance to milk and milk products.

– Interacts whether Amoxil500 with other drugs?

  • Application Amoxil for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes may be carried out with use of other medications.

– Can I use Amoxicillin with antibiotics?

  • Amoxil not only possible but absolutely necessary to be used during treatment with antibiotics.
    Synbiotics Amoxil thanks to the beneficial properties of probiotics and oligofructose (prebiotic) ensure prevention of dysbiosis during antibiotic treatment, from the first day of therapy. To improve protection of the intestinal microflora by aggressive action antimicrobials Amoxil be applied both during antibiotic treatment, or after treatment with antibiotics.

– Can I drink Amoxicillin with yogurt at night?

  • When you receive a synbiotic to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment, adherence to recommended food. In the absence of allergies to dairy products, as well as diarrhea – as one of the symptoms of intestinal dysbiosis, the use of yogurt in the course of therapy synbiotic is not contraindicated. However, the feasibility of yogurt drink generic Amoxil not.

– If the contents of the capsule to pour in food, in this case, you can give the child up to 3 years?

  • When opening the capsule which protects the bacterial strains belonging to the Amoxicillin may slightly reduce the effectiveness of the product due to the aggressive environment of the stomach. However, considering the concentration of microorganisms in the product Maksilak (4.5 x 10 9 CFU) portion predominant strains reach the intestine in an active state. According to the recommendations of the Ministry of Health product in capsule form can be administered to children only 3 years. Younger children can break the capsule and pour its contents into a liquid / food (room temperature).

– How often can I repeat a course Amoxil500?

  • Repeated reception can be carried out after 2-4 week break.

– Not too late to begin treatment with Amoxicillin after completing a course of antibiotics?

  • Yes, it is possible and necessary. Amoxil will quickly restore the disturbed balance of microflora, since it has a balanced composition and operates exclusively in the area of ​​violation of the microflora.

– Will Amoxil500 mg work for skin problems?

  • The skin condition largely depends on the functioning of the intestines. And the problems in the form of acne can be caused by disruption of the normal composition of intestinal microflora, in which not only greatly reduced the number of beneficial microorganisms, but also disrupted normal metabolism, the synthesis of vitamins and enzymes. Amoxil500mg normalizes the intestinal microbial balance, inhibit the formation of toxins. A suction needed for healthy skin substances takes place with the active involvement of beneficial microorganisms. As part Maksilak contains 9 strains of beneficial bacteria. Furthermore balanced intestinal microflora itself produces vitamins, e.g., B1, B2, B6, B12, vitamin PP, biotin, folic acid and vitamin K. Amoxicillin500 restore and maintain normal intestinal flora, this leads to improvement of the skin. However, violation of skin health can be observed in many diseases, to establish the causes of acne should seek medical advice.

– Is it possible to use Amoxil500mg in patients with celiac disease?

  • The composition adjuvants Amoxil Excluded gluten cereal and used prezhelirovanny cornstarch and corn starch, respectively, the capsule shell may contain traces of gluten. In contrast to the protein (gluten) cereals such as rye, wheat, oats, barley, cereal, non-toxic in celiac disease are considered rice, buckwheat, corn, millet. However, given the need for strict respect for life and patients suffering from celiac disease, a gluten-free diet, it is appropriate to exclude any products and products containing even minimal amounts of gluten. Before using the product, please contact your doctor for advice and permission to use.